The Aisha Wedding Case and the Hypocrisy that Causes a Real Foolishness for the Indonesian Citizens

(The Aisha Wedding Campaign, sources: Aisha Wedding’s Facebook)

What is Aisha Wedding and how about what is their campaign?

The appearance of Aisha Wedding, a wedding organizer that presents many controversial things on their business page, has stirred up the Indonesian netizens.

How about the Indonesian regulations for child marriage and how do Indonesian citizens respond to this case?

The issue of child marriage is illegal in Indonesia. Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 16 of 2019 concerning Amendments to Law Number 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage in Article 7 paragraph 1 states that “Marriage is only permitted if the man and woman have reached the age of 19 years.”

Why is the Aisha Wedding’s campaign harmful?

By correlating with the religious issues in the execution of child marriage in it, Aisha Wedding seems to defend the paradigm of some people who think that marrying off their children to avoid “sin” is something that can be defended. And in fact, not all Indonesians are aware that child marriage is something wrong and should be avoided because it only makes their children into a vicious cycle of poverty.

How about the child marriage cases prevalence in Indonesia?

Indonesia is one of the ten countries in the world with the highest number of child marriages. And on the ASEAN scale, Indonesia is in the second-highest rank after Cambodia. The Council of Foreign Relations projects that one in five girls in Indonesia marry before they reach 18 years old. In one decade, at least 142 million girls will marry before adulthood (CFR, 2015).

What are the side effects of continuing to leave over child marriage occur in Indonesia?

First, the Indonesian government has violated the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Child marriage takes away the basic rights of children that should be obtained for their growth and development. This right is the right to education, the right to play, to get protection, to get food and access to health, and to have a role in development.

How about the ideal condition that supposed to happen in Indonesia and what is the solution to the child marriage cases problem?

Although Article 7 paragraph 1 of Law Number 16 the Year 2019 states that, “Marriage is only permitted if the man and woman have reached the age of 19.”, Article 7 paragraph 2 of the Law states, “In the event of any deviation from the age requirement as referred to in paragraph (1), the parents of the man and/or the parents of the woman can ask for dispensation to the Court on the grounds that they are very urgent accompanied by sufficient supporting evidence. “


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